Red Dead Redemption 2 başarım ve kupa listesi!

Red Dead Redemption 2 kupalar oyuncuları fazlasıyla zorlayacak! İşte detaylar!

Red Dead Redemption 2 başarım ve kupa listesi!

Red Dead Redemption 2 geçtiğimiz Cuma günü birçok parlak kupa ve başarım ile oyuncuların beğenisine sunuldu. Oyunda toplamda 52 adet başarım-kupa mevcut.

Listeyi sunmadan önce belirtmek isterim ki, liste spoiler içermektedir. Bu yüzden oyunu satın alacaklar bakarken iki defa düşünsün.

Single Player

Legend of the West (Platin)
Legend of the West

Back in the Mud
Complete Chapter 1.

Just a Scratch
Complete ‘Enter, Pursued by a Memory’.

To Greener Pastures
Complete Chapter 2.

Settling Feuds
Complete Chapter 3.

Washed Ashore
Complete Chapter 4.

No Traitors
Complete Chapter 5.

Third Time Lucky
Complete ‘Goodbye, Dear Friend’.

Complete ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

Cowboy Builder
Complete ‘A New Jerusalem’.

Endless Summer
Complete the Epilogue.

Lending a Hand
Complete all optional Honor story missions.

Best in the West
Attain 100% completion.

Gold Rush
Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.

Friends With Benefits
Complete a Companion Activity in each camp.

Hobby Horse
Play all mini games.

Breaking and Entering
Recover the stash from 4 homesteads.

Artificial Intelligence
Discover the fate of Marko Dragic.

Take From the Rich
Rob or loot $250.

Give to the Poor
Donate $250 to the gang tithing box.

Pony Up
Spend $5000 across all shops.

Extreme Personality
Reach maximum or minimum Honor level.

Western Stranger
Complete 10 Stranger mission strands.

Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states.

Collector’s Item
Complete one of the Collectable strands.

Paying Respects
Find the graves of each of your fallen companions.

Errand Boy
Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.

It’s Art
Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.

Self Sufficient
Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode.

Skin Deep
Skin every species of animal in Story Mode.

Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.

It was THIS Big!
Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

Locked and Loaded
Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon.

Grin and Bear it
Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode.

Trusty Steed
Reach max bonding level with a horse.


Complete the Intro.

Series Major
Take part in a Series.

Gun For Hire
Accept 10 Free Roam missions from characters around the world.

Play 5 Free Roam Events.

Buckle Up
Achieve 5 gold belt buckles from awards.

The Real Deal
Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).

Horses for Courses
Concurrently own 5 horses.

Getting Started
Reach Rank 10.

Reach Rank 50.

All’s Fair
Successfully counter a rival Posse’s Free Roam mission.

Home Comforts
Purchase 5 camp improvements.

Craft 25 pieces of ammunition.

Posse Up
Form a Persistent Posse.

Master Craftsman
Craft 20 items (excluding ammo).

Sell 20 items to the Butcher.

Picked to Perfection
Pick 25 Herbs.

Strength in Numbers
Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.

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